Daily Glistening Conditioner

Fluid balm with a delicate conditioning action, enriched in active and hydrating active ingredients, it is ideal for frequent use and for all hair types; contains silk proteins, provitamin B5 and brewer's yeast extract. 


Fluid balm extremely comfortable to use, it performs a conditioning action for a hair that is immediately shiny, smooth and light, exerting an immediate detangling action, gives smoothness to the hair and leaves it light and voluminous. It makes the hair easy to comb and soft, making it luminous and giving it a pleasant silk effect. Eliminates the static effect and helps to re-discipline the hair. It is an ideal product for all types of hair and for frequent use. Also ideal for washing. 

250 ml.

32.90 €
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Active principles:

The silkworm (bombix mori) has a particular gland in which the silk thread that the silkworm uses to wrap itself in the famous cocoon is produced. Chemically, silk consists mainly of two proteins: it has a main axis of FIBROIN coated with a SERICIN sheath. These two proteins (fibroin and sericin) have important cosmetic actions; in particular on the hair they bring not only hydration and protection, but above all they favor a reinforcing and bodily action on the hair shaft forming a protective layer without any accumulation effect. They also give shine and smoothness.

Exercises a moisturizing action on the hair, strengthens them helping to prevent split ends and reducing hair fragility.

BEER YEAST EXTRACT "saccharomyces cerevisiae"
Rich in vitamins, it exerts a good nourishing and protective action on the hair; contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid (vitamin B9), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin PP.