Elixir 14 - Oily Liquid Crystals

Liquid Oil-based Crystals true Elixir of beauty for the hair with film-forming, protective and laminating properties of the stem. Product to be discovered and with a thousand surprises, in its use it allows to create 14 personalized wellness rituals (see description below). Soft, smooth, shiny hair. 

100 ml.

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TRUE ELIXIR OF BEAUTY! - 14 Wellness Rituals 

Ritual 1 • HAIR PROTECTED BEFORE THE BEND Apply a few drops of oil on the lengths and then on the tips before folding. 

Ritual 2 • THAT FINAL TOUCH MORE To maintain the hairstyle, but wanting to give that extra touch of light, apply a few drops of oil to dry hair on the ends. 

Ritual 3 • PLEASANT SURPRISE FOR CURLS AND BUSHES After the shampoo and the usual conditioning for curly hair. Apply a few drops on the still-wet curls and pat the hair down with the towel upside down without rubbing to have very soft and elastic curls. 

Ritual 4 • A SMOOTH SUBLIME After the specific bath, apply a few drops to damp hair. Switch with a wide-toothed comb from root to tip. Dry with plate. 

Ritual 5 • SOFTNESS AMPLIFIER After cleansing with the specific bath, add 3 - 4 drops of oil to the selected conditioner. Mix well. Apply to damp hair. Massage well. After 2-3 minutes rinse. 

Ritual 6 • "IN SPA" REGENERATING WELLNESS To keep shiny and smooth hair longer, apply oil to dry hair. Wrap with a warm towel around your head. After 15 minutes rinse

Ritual 7 • BEAUTY UNDER THE SUN To protect hair during long days in the sun, apply oil and collect hair. 

Ritual 8 • TREND LOOK To get the wet effect, apply to damp hair. Massage. Dry completely and then repeat the application. Weather permitting let it dry then naturally. 

Ritual 9 • PROTECTED IN FREE TIME To protect against the drying effect of wind, salt and chlorine in swimming pools and sea water, apply a few drops of oil before bathing. 

Ritual 10 • VIA THE CRESPO AND DOUBLE TIPS To remove frizz and close split ends, apply a few drops to damp hair after the specific bath. Reapply on the tips, massaging. 

Ritual 11 • "REST" AT THE STRESSED HAIR During periods of particular stress where the hair is dry and very frizzy, gently massage the hair starting from the roots to the ends. Cover with a cap and allow the oil to stand overnight. 

Ritual 12 • STYLING TOGETHER To give more light and conditioning to the styling, mix 1 or 2 drops of oil together with the mousse or gel. 

Ritual 13 • CLEANSING WITH "SILK EFFECT" For a silky action, add a few drops of oil to the chosen product during body and hair cleansing. 

Ritual 14 • SOFT AND SHINY BEARD Applied on the previously washed and damp beard it makes it easier to comb. On the dry beard it increases the shine. Do not rinse.

Active principles: 

Obtained from macadamia nut, this particular oil is an excellent emollient and proves to be the main ally of dry and irritated skin, as well as a valid remedy to make hair less frizzy and unruly, nourishing it in depth thanks to vitamin E. The properties Macadamia oil basically derives from the presence in it of palmitoleic acid, very similar to the sebum produced by our skin. This precious oil is very effective even if used for the care of dry and brittle hair. Macadamia oil is able to exert a keratinizing action that promotes the renewal of capillary cells. 

Linseed oil is the elective remedy for hair beauty. It is used to nourish dull hair and has a high polishing action. 

In addition to its moisturizing, emollient and nourishing properties, rice oil is known for its γ-oryzanol content, a natural UV filter that acts as a protection against solar radiation, protecting the hair and the color from harmful effects. of the same. It also contains high percentages of phytosterols and Vitamin E, which give it additional protective properties. 

Oil rich in tocopherols, natural antioxidants with a high protective action; exerts an intense nourishing, emollient and regenerating action; it helps to restore the normal hydro-lipid balance of the hair preventing its depletion. Leaves the hair soft, easy to comb and shiny. 

Wheat germ oil, extracted from wheat germ by cold pressure, represents a concentrate of the lipid fraction of the germ. It therefore contains a good quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acids and also an unsaponifiable fraction rich in phytosterols and tocopherols. Compared to common seed oils, wheat germ oil has the highest vitamin E content.