Calming Fluid

Softening and emollient fluid with anti-reddening and soothing actives; indicated in case of dry, sensitized and reddened skin, to be used directly pure or mixed in the coloring. The active ingredients it contains have a nourishing, antioxidant, polishing and softening action. 

Fluid without alcohol, flowing with the active ingredients with soothing and anti-reddening action described above. Ideal for sensitive or reddened skin, it can also be used as a soothing agent for reddened skin due to irritating technical treatments (color, etc.); its slightly viscose form, makes it extremely practical to use, as it does not drip and allows to optimize the application.

100 ml.

27.90 €
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Active principles: 

Soothing and anti-reddening effect. 

Anti-reddening, soothing and decongestant properties. It stimulates the functionality of the microcirculation and the activity of the fibroblasts with the production of the synthesis of collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid, thus favoring the repair of the epidermis and the dermis. 

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and enzymes with nourishing, emollient and regenerating action. Furthermore, Aloe Vera stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, two essential proteins that hinder aging. It is also known for its marked anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. 

Natural complex, humectant and hydro-replenishing, able to ensure a high degree of hygroscopy to the keratin structure of the hair, favoring hydration and humidity necessary to maintain a physiological state of emolliency, compactness, flexibility and softness. It is opposed to the natural or artificial conditions of dehydration that produce dryness, electrostaticity and loss of shine. 

Essential fatty acids are essential constituents of the cell membrane. Instantly restores damaged and stressed hair to a healthy appearance. It is a precious ally for the hair and restructures its scales. Due to its exceptional eudermic properties, vitamin F is also called the skin vitamin. Integrity of skin and hair is indeed preserved by this vitamin. Its lack is often highlighted with rashes and scaling of the scalp. 

It contains natural antioxidants, tocopherols, which perform a protective action against the formation of free radicals responsible for aging. It is able to stabilize the color and prolong its life.