Sleeking Shine Fluid

The formulation, which is easy to apply, exerts a homogeneous conditioning / laminating effect on the hair (mix of specific silicones and conditioning polymers), which can be perceived immediately on the hair, which becomes silky, smooth and luminous: the perfect closure of the scales obtained reduces the effect frizz with consequent reduction in volume and distension of the hair, as well as an increase in brightness. The active ingredients described above ensure protection, hydration and brightness. It is not greasy and does not weigh down. Fluid emulsion with high flowability, it is indicated for unruly hair that appears frizzy, electrified, opaque and are difficult to regulate. Also ideal for brushing. 

100 ml.

22.70 €

Active principles: 

(Cationic polymers, conditioning silicones and wheat proteins) with a conditioning and volume control effect. It performs an effective conditioning and detangling action, as well as protective through the closure of the scales and the formation of a protective film that makes the hair slide to the comb and gives it softness. The synergy of action of these active ingredients allows the reduction of the volume due to the undisciplined hair, the distension of the hair fiber for a perfect smooth effect. 

Active with light effect: 

Specific silicones intensify the brightness of the hair. 

Active with emollient and nourishing effect: 

Almond oil has an emollient and moisturizing action, ensures nutrition to the hair and protects it from drying processes (environmental factors, drying, ...) that cause loss of radiance. Cotton milk has a good nourishing and protective effect on the hair.