Keratin Repair Lotion

Instant restructuring lotion with its action in contact with water; conditions the hair by realigning the scales of the cuticle and restructures it thoroughly. With hydrolyzed keratin, Argan oil, and limnanthes alba. Its immediate restructuring action gives the hair smoothness, brightness and body; brings moisture and structure to the hair fiber. It does not weigh down. 

The active ingredients in it contain, thanks to their affinity with the hair fiber, they are easily absorbed and shaken in synergy, bringing nourishment to the hair; they perform a valuable cementing / repairing action as well as "anti-friction" negotiation, giving combability, smoothness and light. 

10 vials of 10 ml.

47.00 €

Active principles: 

Protein characterized by a long molecule with a spiral conformation (structure called alpha-helix) and by a high number of sulfur amino acids (in particular cysteine). The interactions between the sulfhydryl -SH groups of these amino acids determine the formation of numerous disulfide bridges -S-S-: this property, combined with the helical shape, gives keratin resistance and, at the same time, elasticity. Thanks to its natural ability to bind to the hair fiber, keratin transfers these properties to the stem, repairing the hair and making it so resistant. The keratin used has an average molecular weight of about 2000. 

Argan (Argania spinosa or Argania sideroxylon) is a widespread tree in the arid landscapes that characterize the south west of Morocco. Despite the scarcity of water in the subsoil, Argania is a very long-lived tree that can reach up to 150-200 years of age. The fruit it produces is a green berry, similar to an olive but larger in size. Inside it contains a particularly hard kernel which in turn contains two or more almonds from which the famous Argan oil is extracted. The production of this oil requires a laborious process that until recently was entirely made by hand. Argan oil is used in the cosmetic field thanks to its antioxidant, emollient, moisturizing and highly elastic properties. It is one of the most important oils for cellular rejuvenation thanks to its Vitamin E content and various essential fatty acids. 

With polishing, substantive action and above all able to prolong the duration of the color; thus makes the product useful also for colored hair that is often to be restored.