Energizing Scalp Lotion

Hydro-alcoholic lotion, for the treatment of hair loss prevention. Formulated with Essential Oils and Plant Extracts that give it hygienic activity, stimulating the cutaneous, energizing and revitalizing microcirculation of the hair bulb. 


The product bases its efficacy on a specific active principle tested for activity for hair prone to falling: Kapilarine, consisting of a mix of natural active ingredients synergistic with each other able to counteract the main factors responsible for hair loss, in particular:

  • inhibition of the enzyme 5α-reductase (steroid components of African Kigeila with hormone-like properties and cinnamon tannins) 
  • stimulation of blood microcirculation (flavonoids of Kigeila Africana, active components of Salvia Sclarea and Ginkgo Biloba) 
  • reactivation of cellular metabolism and regeneration of the hair bulb (cutaneous stimulation due to Salvia Sclarea with hormone-like properties and to flavonoids of Ginkgo Biloba) 
  • reduction of skin inflammation due to excess sebum and consequent increase in skin transpiration and oxygenation (flavonoids and terpenes of Clary Sage that have a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action and promotes skin oxygenation, volatile Cinnamomum Zeylanicum with bacteriostatic activity and disinfectants and diterpenes of Ginkgo Biloboa with anti-inflammatory activity).

    100 ml.
48.90 €

Common active ingredients:

All products contain KAPILARINE, which is the strong point of the line; its action is supported by the presence of the following active ingredients:

It promotes the absorption of active ingredients and inhibits the Enzima 5-alpha reductase, one of the major causes of hair loss.

Stimulating on the scalp and vitalizing on the hair bulb.

The essence is a mobile oil that oscillates from blue to green. It has a camphorated fragrance similar to that of eucalyptus. Excellent as a sanitizer and antiseptic; disinfects by fighting the formation of bacteria.

Rosemary in botany belongs to the Labiatae family and is referred to by the name of Rosmarino officinalis. From it you get an essential oil consisting of Borneol, Camphor and Pinene, endowed with bacteriostatic properties (ie it fights the development of bacteria), stimulating tonic (ie it gives energy) and regulates the bacterial flora. For the skin it has been considered for centuries an essence of rejuvenation. It cleanses toxins and revives micro-circulation. It is particularly indicated, in fact, at the first signs of weakness and hair loss due to its marked reinforcing properties.

Menthol acts with a sanitizing and refreshing action, which benefits the skin.

Mixture of natural derivatives with a tonic-stimulating and soothing effect, it contains: aloe, myrrh, calamus, angelica, zedoaria, electaria, cloves, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg.