Equilibrium Bi-Power Lotion

Purifying bivalent hydroalcoholic lotion can be used for dandruff problems (Zinc Piritione and piroctone olamine) and to counteract the problem of oily hair (Biozolfo and capryloyl glycina). Rich in herbal extracts with specific properties, it performs a sanitizing, purifying, refreshing, soothing and strengthening action. 


The specific curative activity to counter dandruff problems is due to the presence of the Zinc Piritione and to the Piroctone Olamine with an antifungal action able to fight in an evident way the formation of the dandruff itself. Its effectiveness on fatty hair is due to the presence of Biozolfo which exerts a specific sebum-regulating action and Capryloyl Glycina, a specific amino acid derivative with high purifying, protective and sebum normalizing properties: 

  • reduces the level of sebum;
  • reduces irritation;
  • helps to restore normal physiological pH.

 It contains α-hydroxy acids which, thanks to their smoothing action, facilitate the removal of excess sebum and flakes of dandruff. The product also has a sanitizing and refreshing and balmy action thanks to the presence of Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Mint essential oil, Lavender and Eucalyptol essential oil. Enriched with α-bisabolol with a soothing and anti-reddening action it provides relief against the itching caused by dandruff and fat present on the skin and soothes skin redness. 

100 ml.

33.70 €
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Contains the following herbal extracts with specific properties:

It has dermo-purifying, astringent, antiseptic and sebostatic properties. 

It has sebostatic, anti-dandruff, purifying and stimulating properties. 

With a purifying astringent action. 

With a purifying astringent action.