Smoothing Control Treatment

Acidifying technical treatment, in emulsion, facilitates the smooth effect with maximum practicality. It is indicated to keep the smooth on straight hair or to facilitate smooth hairstyles on curly hair. It carries out a conditioning and anti-frizz action, bringing discipline to the hair and facilitating the drying technique. The hair is soft and shiny, less sensitive to the action of atmospheric humidity; this allows a longer life and composure to the smooth hair. 

250 ml.

35.70 €

Active principles: 

Thanks to its high affinity with the hair, it has an immediate emollient, repairing and polishing action. 

Oil rich in unsaponifiable fractions, and in particular in Phytosqualene, exerts an intense nourishing, emollient and regenerating action; it helps to restore the normal hydro-lipid balance of the hair preventing its depletion. Leaves the hair soft, easy to comb and shiny. 

Extremely innovative active principle consisting of a restructuring protein part derived from the Silk anchored to a thermoactive protective silicone part. The protein part works as a restructuring product going to "repair" the part of the hair that is eventually damaged. The silicone chain, to which the protein is bound, is activated by the effect of heat (during drying), polymerizes, freeing water and forms a real protective film that wraps the hair and creates a barrier effect that: - protects the hair from drying - performs a softening and disciplining action - restructures and prevents the formation of split ends - performs a polishing action.