Argan Oil Serum

Non-rinsing oil with nourishing, restructuring and laminating-protective action: in addition to Argan oil, it also contains linseed oil; these precious oils, thanks to their high affinity with the hair, exert an immediate emollient, reparative and polishing action; the product also provides protection to the hair thanks to its film-forming properties. It exerts an immediate conditioning and lasting action over time and protects the hair from humidity, it can be used both with wet hair before drying (facilitates smooth folds), on dry hair (it makes combing and immediate light to the whole stem ). Helps redefine the tips and smooth the cuticles. 

100 ml.

32.90 €


Used for more than a thousand years by Berber women to protect their hands, face, body and hair from the aggression of wind, sun and desert sand; Argan oil serum is an invaluable source of beneficial elements: it carries out an intense restructuring, anti-aging, moisturizing and nourishing action as well as a protective and polishing action, which is why it is able to restore the skin's hydrolipidic film and increase nutrient supply at the cellular level , giving brightness. Moreover, it softens the hair, protects the scalp and strengthens fragile nails. Known as desert gold, Argan (Argania spinosa or Argania sideroxylon) is a widespread tree in the arid landscapes that characterize the south-west of Morocco. Despite the scarcity of water in the subsoil, Argania is a very long-lived tree that can reach up to 150-200 years of age. The fruit it produces is a green berry, similar to an olive but larger in size. Inside it contains a particularly hard kernel which in turn contains two or more almonds from which the famous Argan oil is extracted. The production of this oil requires a laborious process that until recently was entirely made by hand. Argan oil is used in the cosmetic field thanks to its antioxidant, emollient, moisturizing and highly elastic properties. It is one of the most important oils for its regenerating and restructuring power thanks to its content of Vitamin E and several essential fatty acids, including Omega 3 and 6. Maximizes the results of chemical services of color, meches and stretching. 


  • Repairs damaged hair, ideal in combination with keratin treatment. 
  • It prolongs the duration of the color reducing the fading with natural protection against UV rays. 
  • Drying times reduced by 40-50%. Strengthens fragile hair. 
  • Immediately detangles all types of hair. 
  • Restores radiance and softness to damaged and tired hair. 
  • The treatment has the characteristic of being absorbed immediately.