Curly No-Frizz Shampoo

Shampoo with a pearly appearance, plays an intense conditioning and moisturizing action and gives the hair softness, elasticity and radiance, ideal for treating curly and often dry hair. The specific active ingredients bring emolliency and smoothness to the hair and contribute to a good definition of the curl for an extremely natural and elastic result. 

250 ml.

24.90 €

Contains active with a moisturizing effect:

Active natural ingredient with moisturizing and emollient effect, active with nourishing effect. 

Oil extracted from the seeds of a shrub of African origin, today very widespread also in South America; easily absorbable, this oil is particularly effective on dry and dry hair, it significantly increases skin tone and hydration and plays a precious nourishing action. 

Contains active ingredients with elasticizing effect: 

They perform an effective conditioning and detangling action, as well as protective through the closure of the scales and the formation of a protective film that makes the hair slide to the comb and gives it elasticity and softness. 

The synergy of action of these active ingredients allows to obtain well-defined, elastic and shiny curls.