Silver Shampoo

Cosmetic compound with high toning power, it is ideal for hairstyles with 50% to 100% of white hair. It combines the action of agents that neutralize the yellow reflection and the action of a softening cationic agent in only one product. It allows to obtain natural splendor and softness eliminating the unaesthetic yellow reflections. Enriched with Yarrow extract with softening, soothing and protective properties. 


Anti-yellowing shampoo is based on colorimetry; in fact, having yellow reflections on the hair (warm color) and overlapping a cold color (VIOLET = RED + BLUE), they are neutralized and appear full of final light. It also eliminates the electrostaticity of the hair and improves combability. The Yarrow Extract contained in the formula has protective and softening properties. 

250 ml.

24.90 €
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There are 3 primary colors (Blue, Yellow, Red) which mixed together give life to the secondary colors (Green, Orange, Purple). There are some additional points to mention about the influence of one color or reflection on another color. The colors, reflections and their nuances have warm dominants (Yellow, Orange, Red) or dominant cold (Blue, Green, Purple). For every nuance or warm color there is a cold opposite. By overlapping them they merge without giving rise to any predominant tonality and both will be brighter. If instead two similar colors (Yellow and Red) are combined, they tend to fade. The gray is obtained from the mixture of RED + BLUE + YELLOW.