Bodyfying Frequent Spray

Leave-In without rinsing. Volumizing and conditioning spray without rinsing specifically formulated to revitalize the hairstyle every day, with a natural volume effect; leaves hair light, bright and extremely soft. Contains silk proteins, provitamin B5, yeast extract. Fluid spray emulsion, extremely practical to use, with a high conditioning and protective effect. Helps make the hair easy to comb, giving light and softness; revitalizes the natural crease giving volume, elasticity and body. Ideal for conditioning the hair before drying and / or reconditioning the dry hair before being combed. Contains specific conditioners with a substantivizing and volumizing effect, extremely new born specifically for volume, without accumulation effect, light and with a good light effect; leaves hair light, bright and extremely soft; it can also be used as a volumizer for the roots. 

125 ml.

27.90 €
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Active principles:

The silkworm (bombix mori) has a particular gland in which the silk thread that the silkworm uses to wrap itself in the famous cocoon is produced. Chemically, silk consists mainly of two proteins: it has a main axis of FIBROIN coated with a SERICIN sheath. These two proteins (fibroin and sericin) have important cosmetic actions; in particular on the hair they bring not only hydration and protection, but above all they favor a reinforcing and bodily action on the hair shaft forming a protective layer without any accumulation effect. They also give shine and smoothness.

Exercises a moisturizing action on the hair, strengthens them helping to prevent split ends and reducing hair fragility.

BEER YEAST EXTRACT "saccharomyces cerevisiae"
Rich in vitamins, it exerts a good nourishing and protective action on the hair; contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid (vitamin B9), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin PP.